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CABE Conferences

Click here to link to Dr. Mora’s 2012 Two-way CABE Conference Presentation. 90:10 and 50:50 Dual Language Programs: Why and How They Work HACKED BY SudoX — HACK A NICE DAY.

Ballard & Tighe IDEA Newsletter

Click here to link to Dr. Mora’s article in the Ballard & Tighe IDEA Newsletter (Spring 2008) titled Vocabulary Development for English Language Learners: The Language-Concept Connection HACKED BY SudoX — HACK A NICE DAY.

Reading Recovery Council Webinar

Click here to link to a Webinar I copresented with Dr. Kathy Escamilla and Dr. Susan O'Leary. <a href=" additional resources.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=70&Itemid=81″>English Language Learners: The importance of language to true literacy. Reading Recovery Council. December 4, 2009. HACKED BY SudoX — HACK A NICE DAY.

Why Merit Pay for Teachers Will Never Work

The issue of merit pay for teachers will reemerge as a topic of discussion in2014. This web page provides information for educators, policy makers an researchers to discuss the policy and professional implications of the use of Value Added Model (VAM) data based on students’ test scores in evaluating and remunerating teachers. Please send Dr. Mora your comments on this […]

Zapped by VAM: Critique of the Value-added Model (VAM) for Evaluating Teachers

This is a letter I wrote to the LA Times regarding their article on using the value-added model for evaluating teacher effectivness. Access the LA Times article at this URL:,0,2695044.story For a critique of the LA Times Value-added Model data base, see this web page from the National Education Policy Center: JKM August […]