CA Multilingual Education Act 2016

Proposition 58 LEARN

Jill Kerper Mora

YES on Prop 58

Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 1174 into law on September 28, 2014. The law will be on the November 2016 ballot. Let’s work hard for passage of this important law that affirms the value of multilingualism and equal opportunities for ALL of California’s public school students special info.

Click here to view SB 1174 Talking Points in support of California Senate Bill 1174 sponsored by Ricardo Lara (D-33d SD), now titled the CA Multilingual Education Act or ED.G.E. Education for a Global Economy Act.

Click here to view the PPT presentation at the CABE Conference in Anaheim, CA on April 3 for a panel discussion of SB 1174 CABE.

Here is the full text of Proposition 227, which is now Section 1, Chapter 3 (beginning at 300) of the CA Education Code.