Mission Statement

My mission in education for the twenty-first century is to provide high-quality professional development and curriculum to address the potential and enhance the academic achievement of the growing population of linguistically and culturally diverse students.The social and economic well-being of our nation and all nations around the world depends on the skills of our educators. Teachers of bilingual and multilingual learners particularly need specialized skills in language, literacy and academic content instruction and effective program design and implementation.

Our teachers must be equipped with effective cross-cultural and bilingual knowledge and pedagogy to reach every segment of the population. I contribute to accomplishing this mission through teaching, research and service through scholarship and professional growth opportunities in partnership with public schools. In my professional activities, I strive to model and reflect an appreciation for diversity. The objectives of teaching in multicultural and second-language education include both the cognitive and affective domains of learning. I not only impart knowledge but strive to influence changes in attitudes and values through my teaching, research, conference presentations, consulting and activism. My vehicle for making this professionalism available to educators is my MoraModules website. 

I have a particular commitment to teachers' professional knowledge base and pedagogical skills in Spanish. I offer teacher candidates and teachers in Texas and California many modules to support them in preparation for professional qualifying examinations in Spanish language and linguistics. Texas teachers who are preparing for the Texas Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test (BTLPT) and California teachers studying for the Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Spanish subtests will find much valuable information and many useful learning activities on the MoraModules website. 

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Jill Kerper Mora