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I am pleased to offer a comprehensive website of research-validated best practices and the theoretical and pedagogical knowledge base for educating bilingual learners. Here is a description of the modules available for professional development and instruction.

Spanish Language Pedagogy Book Companion Website

The biliteracy programs that support high levels of academic achievement for students require administrators and teachers who are knowledgeable about and skilled in sound, research-based language and literacy pedagogy and effective instructional practices in both languages used as a medium of instruction. Spanish Language Pedagogy for Biliteracy Programs is a book that takes prospective teachers and active professionals into a deep and insightful exploration of the many dimensions of Spanish language and literacy instruction. This timely book provides professional development for teacher education students who are earning a biliteracy teaching credential and for in-service teachers who seek to refine their expertise in the theory and practice of teaching in, through and about Spanish.

To accompany Spanish Language Pedagogy for Biliteracy Programs, Dr. Jill Kerper Mora offers the Book Companion Website for purchase through the MoraModules Website at

Dr. Mora’s Book Companion Website offers a treasure trove of study questions, learning activities, mini-lectures in Spanish and on-line resources for professional development and teacher education courses to enhance the knowledge base and best practices of biliteracy educators:

  • University teacher education faculty who teach in bilingual credential and certification and graduate programs
  • Teacher education students in dual language, bilingual credential courses who use the Spanish Language Pedagogy for Biliteracy Programs textbook
  • Administrators and teachers who seek to enhance their expertise in dual language program implementation and biliteracy instruction

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Purchase the Spanish Language Pedagogy Book Companion Website for $15 or the bundle with full access to MoraModules for $45 for one year at

Click here for a description of options for using the Spanish Language Pedagogy book and the SLP Book Companion Website for dual language program administrators and teachers to create an on-line professional development community to enhance knowledge and effective practice for biliteracy instruction.

California Teachers of English Learners (CTEL) Examination Study Guides

Teachers who are preparing to take the California Teachers of English Learners (CTEL) examination will also find many useful modules as a study guide on the CTEL content.

For university faculty in teacher education and researcher, I offer bibliographies of theoretical and research articles and books on biliteracy, reading English as a second language, and effective schooling practices for language minority students. I anticipate that teacher educators and school district staff development coordinators will also find these modules helpful in preparing teachers for biliteracy and sheltered immersion instruction in different types of programs and classroom settings.Please visit my modules on second-language reading and reading in the content areas, as well as on how to use multicultural literature for teaching reading processes.I invite you to visit these modules and send me your comments and suggestions. For access to the CTEL Examination Study Guide for Tests 1 and Test 2, please see the Professional Development Level in the Products menu. For the CTEL Study Guide to all three tests, please see the Full Access Level in the Products menu.

California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) Subtest IV Study Guide

Below is a list of the online instructional modules I have designed to prepare teacher candidates the Preliminary credentials under California legislation SB 2042 and AB 1059 and the Bilingual Authorization or Bilingual Emphasis credential. These MoraModules address theories, methods and techniques for instructing English language learners in bilingual, sheltered immersion and mainstream classrooms. There are modules for curriculum design, thematic unit planning, and lesson planning for L2 learners to guide and assist educators in improving second-language, literacy and content-area instruction. For access to the CSET Subtest IV Study Guide please go to the Full Access Level in the Products menu.

Spanish Language and Literacy Instruction

MoraModules offers support for teaching Spanish language and literacy based on the Common Core en Español scope and sequence of instruction. Modules focus on planning and implementing lessons for developing initial reading and Spanish phonics. Dr. Mora provides a collection of “Onocuentos” to establish biliteracy learners’ knowledge of letter-sound associations. Spanish Word Study lessons are described to teach syllables, accentuation, compound words, prefixes and suffixes and much more about the subsystems of Spanish. In addition,  offers lessons in points of Spanish semantics and grammar that are challenging for native English speakers who are becoming bilingual and biliterate in Spanish as a second language. For teachers’ professional development, Dr. Mora provides modules that describe and explain the theoretical and pedagogical foundations for teaching Spanish literacy so that teachers build their knowledge base for effective classroom practice and program design in dual language settings. The Common Core en Español is published by the San Diego County Office of Education under the leadership of Silvia Dorta-Duque de Reyes. Please see the Full Access Level in the Products menu.

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