La Investigación Cualitativa

Esta presentación sobre la investigación cualitativa se dio en la Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro en 2004 como parte de un taller de colaboración binacional con la Dra. Diane Sharken Taboada y la Dra. Jill Kerper Mora.

The Reading Wars in California

The Reading Wars in California For two decades from the mid 1980’s until the turn of the century, an ideological war policies regarding approaches and methods of reading instruction waged in California. The “combatants”  in this war among policymakers and educators were two approaches to reading instruction: Whole Language vs. phonics. In fact, the advocates […]

ELD Institute Agenda

ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE Jill Kerper Mora San Diego State University Purpose of the ELD Institute The goal of the Project CORE ELD Institute is to provide teacher participants with a high level of knowledge of the theoretical foundations and structure of the California 2012 English Language Development Standards to maximize their effectiveness in teaching […]