PLC 915 Teaching in the Content Areas: ELD & SDAIE

Four by Four Thematic Unit Scoring Rubric

Grading Criteria Points
1. Overview
The overview of the thematic unit provides a coherent rationale for teaching the unit based on K-12 frameworks and content and performance standards  and ELD Standards in the selected content-area.
5   4   3   2   1   0
2. Lesson Objectives
The lesson objectives clearly define what students will do to demonstrate their mastery of the content and processes that are the goals of the lesson.
5   4   3   2   1   0
3. 5-Step Lesson Planning
The five steps of the lesson plan are thoroughly described to show a coherent sequence and progression of the lesson for building concepts and language skills.
5   4   3   2   1   0
4. Language Proficiency Level Skills (LSRW)
The focus of each of the four lessons matches the language skills of students with the particular level of proficiency.
5   4   3   2   1   0
5. Instructional Activities
The lessons contain activities that provide sufficient scaffolding and learning strategies for mastery of key concepts and vocabulary to provide students’ with comprehensible input at the “i + one” level.
5   4   3   2   1   0
6. Paraphrased Passage
The paraphrased passage is written at an appropriate level of language complexity and conceptual demand to be an effective scaffolding tool for conveying content and practicing language skills.
5   4   3   2   1   0
7. Vocabulary (Word Bank)
The selected vocabulary using different parts of speech are appropriate for the proficiency level and level of conceptual development according to the demands of the lessons.
5   4   3   2   1   0
8. Integration of Content and Language Teaching
The unit overall demonstrates a thorough understanding of the processes of planning and evaluation the subject area content according to four levels of students’ language proficiency.
5   4   3   2   1   0

Scoring Guide:

5 = Outstanding: Meets all objectives with all processes clearly articulated.

4 = Very Good: Meets most objectives with processes clearly articulated

3 = Good/Fair: Meets some objectives. Not all processes are clear.

2-0 Poor/Weak: Does not meet objectives; unclear as to process

 Total: _______________    40-35 = A  30-34 =B  25-29= C  20-24= D  Below 19= F