Classroom Assessments for Spanish Language and Literacy Development

Welcome to the Professor’s Toolkit for Dr. Mora’s Spanish Language Pedagogy for Biliteracy Programs (2016). This page offers a list of the classroom-ready quizzes and assessments available on the SLP Book Companion Website. The quizzes and assessments are for dual language program teachers for classroom use with bilingual/biliteracy learners.

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Classroom-ready Learning Activities and Assessments

LA.2.1 Compound Words in Spanish Quiz

LA.2.2 Advanced Compound Words in Spanish Quiz

LA.2.3 Spanish Homophone Words Quiz

LA.4.2 Accentuation: Word Analysis Quiz

LA.4.3 Accentuation: Advanced Word Analysis Quiz

LA.4.1 Accentuation: Diptongos y hiatos

LA.4.3 Accentuation: Acento desinencial

LA.4.7 Letter-sound Associations: Onocuentos vocales Quiz

LA.2.5 Phonological Awareness Learning Activity and Assessment

LA.6.1 Structured Writing Activity: Cuento encadenado