ATDLE 2016

Thank you for attending Dr. Mora’s presentations at ATDLE 2016

Click here to link to Dr. Mora’s ATDLE 2016 presentations:

Making the Most of Spanish Language Arts Under Common Core

Click here for access to the México Secretaría de Educación Programa de Español website where you can download the PDF of the Plane de Estudios 2011 for primary and secondary grades.

Click here to link to Dr. Mora’s <a href=” diovan”>Metalinguistic Knowledge Development Continuum to accompany the presentation  on Spanish language arts instruction.

Here are the Common Core en Español Destrezas Específicas al Español from the Linguistic Augmentation  from the San Diego County Office of Education.

Click here for a the citation and Dr. Mora’s summary of the research on Spanish reading instruction methods for Argentina (Dehaene, 2016), available for purchase as an e-textbook from

Aprender a leer: De las ciencias cognitivas al aula.

Click here for the presentation on the research study of the Mexico National Reading Program by Dr. Taboada and Dr. Mora

Effective Spanish Literacy Instruction in Mexico and the United States: Sound Pedagogy Crosses the Border

Click here for a video clip with Jorge Cuevas Antillón giving an update on the Spanish Language Development Standards from the San Diego County Office of Education and state level progress toward Spanish language assessments for language arts achievement.