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Science of Reading: A Critique

A Bilingual Educator’s Critique of the Science of Reading Movement Jill Kerper Mora UPDATE: Opposition to California Assembly Bill AB 2222 The Science of Reading is a hot topic on the internet and in the media these days. A plethora of Facebook groups and other social media venues advertising themselves as Science of Reading for […]

Dual Language Researcher Fact-checks SoR

Fact-checking 10 Science of Reading Claims: A Multilingual Education Perspective  Jill Kerper MoraSan Diego State University  The format for this fact-checking of the Science of Reading (SoR) from the perspective of multilingual learner education and the description of the SoR claims are based on the book by Robert Tierney and P. David Pearson titled Fact-checking […]

Multiliteracy Research Invitational

Multiliteracy Research Colleagues, Thank you for the work you do to further the pedagogical knowledge base for teaching multilingual learners. Here I am posting a number of resources for you to explore. Click here for my presentation for the Multiliteracy Research Invitational titled The Status of Our Research on April 26, 2024.Please click here to access […]

NABE Conference 2024

Welcome to the NABE Conference 2024 in New Orleans, LA. We are enjoying a wonderful conference with great presentations and lots of networking. Here is the link to Dr. Mora’s presentation title The Bilingual Brain: Avoiding Anglocentricities in Applying Neuroscience Research. Please click here for a comprehensive discussion of the Science of Reading for multilingual […]

CABE 2023

Welcome to CABE 2023 in beautiful Long Beach, CA. Here are the links to Professor Jill Kerper Mora’s CABE presentations and related resources. Click here for access Dr. Mora’s presentation on March 23, 2023 titled El Cerebro Lector: Avoiding Anglocentricities in the Application of Neuroscience Research Click here for an Dr. Mora’s elaborated discussion of […]

CABE 2021 Virtual Conference

Welcome to the CABE 2021 Virtual Conference. Posted here for visitors to MoraModules are links to Dr. Mora’s presentation at/in the CABE Conference and related resources for conference attendees and other dual language educators. Click here to access the presentation of March 24, 2021 by Diane Sharken Taboada and Jill Kerper Mora. The presentation is […]

CABE 2019 Conference

Welcome to CABE 2019 in Long Beach, CA and to Dr. Mora’s MoraModules Website. I invite you to link to my conference presentations and to explore for its many resources for effective biliteracy instruction. Click here to access Dr. Mora’s Featured Speaker presentation on March 22, 2019: Staying True to Spanish in Spanish Language […]

La Cosecha 2018

Welcome to La Cosecha 2018 in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. Here are the links to Dr. Mora´s presentations at the Conference. Click here to access Dr. Mora’s presentation at La Cosecha on November 16, 2018: Staying True to Spanish in Spanish Language Arts  Here is the link to the Common Core en Español from […]

CABE 2018 Conference

Welcome to CABE 2018 in Sacramento, CA on March 28-31. Click below for Dr. Mora’s presentations at the conference. Diane Sharken Taboada and Jill Kerper Mora Competencias Comunicativas  CABE Workshop March 29, 2018 Click here for the Nexos, enlaces y conectores PPT to support biliteracy learners’ communicative competence. Here is the reference for an excellent source […]

SDSU Dual Language and English Learner Conference 2018

Welcome to the San Diego State University Dual Language and English Learner Conference on January 12-13, 2018. Click here to access Dr. Mora’s PPT Presentation Teaching for Transfer of Culture: The Third Pillar of DL Education on January 13, 2018. Click here for the Teaching for Transfer of Culture handout booklet in PDF. Click here […]