MoraModules ELD Course Syllabus


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Class #1 The context of teaching ELL in secondary schools
Overview of the Four Levels-Four Skills
Model for standards-based content-area instruction
MoraModules #14.4  Definitions & Description of Programs for ELL
MoraModules # 4.1 Thematic Planning for ELLs
MoraModules # 4.2  The Four by Four Thematic Unit Guidelines
MoraModules #4.4   A Model 4X4 Thematic Unit
MoraModules #4.5   Strategies and Activities for 4X4 Units
Class #2 Historical trends in L2 Education MoraModules # 1.1  Historical Trends in L2 Teaching
Class #3 Theories & principles of L2 acquisition
Assessing students’ language proficiency levels
The Lesson Cycle & 5-Step Lesson Planning
MoraModules # 2.1   Theoretical Basis for the Natural Approach
MoraModules # 7.1     Language Assessment
MoraModules #6.1  Effective Lesson Planning for English Learners
Class #4 What is academic English? Challenges in teaching ELL in mainstream
& sheltered content
MoraModules #13.5  CLAD Teaching is Good Teaching Plus
MoraModules # 14.2   A Road Map for Effective ELD Teachers
MoraModules#14.8 The EL Redesignation Debate
Class #5 Focus on ELL-1 & ELL-2:
Listening/speaking skills
Content-area challenges for Level 1 & 2 ELL
MoraModules # 9.1  The Language-Concept Connection
MoraModules # 9.2  How to Teach Concepts & Vocabulary
Class #6 Methods of L2 Teaching
Teaching strategies and resources for  ELD instruction
MoraModules # 3.1   Methods of L2 Teaching
MoraModules #2.3    Principles & Procedures of L2 Teaching Methods
MoraModules #4.6  100 Vocabulary Development Activities
MoraModules #6.3  Sentence Transformation
Class #7 The Communicative Approach
Planning ELD lessons around
language functions
Guided reading/writing activities for
ELL-1 & 2
MoraModules #2.4  Outline of a Communicative Approach Lesson
Class #8 L2 Reading
Linking oral language & literacy
MoraModules # 8.1Reading in a Second Language
MoraModules # 12.11  Literacy Instruction for ELL
Class #9 Specially Designed Academic Instruction in
English (SDAIE)
Providing access to textbooks
MoraModules # 10.1 Content Area Reading for ELLs
Class #10 Learning strategies/study skills MoraModules #10.2   Using Study Guides in Content-area Reading
Class #11 Assessing & teaching reading comprehension
Patterns of exposition in the content areas
Text analysis
MoraModules #10.3   Text Analysis for L2 Literacy Instruction
MoraModules #12.12 Reading Comprehension
Sub-processes for L2 Readers
Class #12 L2 Writing & Structured Writing Activities
Assessing L2 writing
Mora Modules # 11.1Development of Second-language Writing
MoraModules # 12.1   Using Rubrics for Assessing L2 Writing
Class #13 Four X Four Unit Development MoraModules # 12.5  Guided Story Construction
MoraModules # 12.6   Guided Writing in L2 Classrooms
Class #14 Effective programs for ELL
Student Placement & Curricular Continuity
MoraModule #3.4    Characteristics of Effective L2 Classrooms
MoraModule #14.7  What Works for ELL
Class #15 Teaching to diversity in L2 education
Parameters of Culture
4X4 Thematic Unit Roundtable
MoraModules # 13.1 Cultural Diversity in the B/CLAD Classroom
MoraModules # 13.2  Culture & Values