CABE 2018 Conference

Welcome to CABE 2018 in Sacramento, CA on March 28-31. Click below for Dr. Mora’s presentations at the conference.

Diane Sharken Taboada and Jill Kerper Mora Competencias Comunicativas  CABE Workshop March 29, 2018

Click here for the Nexos, enlaces y conectores PPT to support biliteracy learners’ communicative competence.

Here is the reference for an excellent source for teaching communicative competence:  Zebadúa Valencia, M.L. & García Palacios, E. (2010). Cómo enseñar a hablar y escuchar en el salón de clases. Coyoacán, MX:  Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Click here for a list of Multicultural Books: A Short List for teaching transfer of culture.

Click here for a handout on Childhood Messages that develop cultural values and beliefs.

Click here for a list of Proverbs in Spanish and in English.

Jill Kerper Mora A Toolkit of Strategies for Effective Spanish Writing Instruction CABE Workshop March 30, 2018