La Cosecha 2018

Welcome to La Cosecha 2018 in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. Here are the links to Dr. Mora´s presentations at the Conference.

Click here to access Dr. Mora’s presentation at La Cosecha on November 16, 2018: Staying True to Spanish in Spanish Language Arts 

Here is the link to the Common Core en Español from the San Diego County Office of Education. Keep in mind that these are national Common Core Standards.

Here is an excellent resource on Spanish reading instruction. The book is available for Kindle at Amazon. See the Appendix for a sequence (rational progression) for teaching the alphabet in Spanish.

Click here for Dr. Mora’s presentation on the grade-by-grade progression toward mastery of accentuation and the use of the written accent mark in Spanish. Use of the Spanish Accent Mark: A Metalinguistic Skill

Dehaene, S. (2015). Aprender a leer: De las ciencias cognitivas al aula. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Siglo Veintiuno Editores.

Click here to access Diane Sharken Taboada and Jill Kerper Mora  on November 16, 2018: Competencias Comunicativas: Instruction in Mexico and U.S. Classrooms

Click here for a presentation of Nexos y Conectores en Español.

Here is the reference for an excellent source for teaching communicative competence:  Zebadúa Valencia, M.L. & García Palacios, E. (2010). Cómo enseñar a hablar y escuchar en el salón de clases. Coyoacán, MX:  Universidad Autónoma de México.