NABE Conference 2024

Welcome to the NABE Conference 2024 in New Orleans, LA. We are enjoying a wonderful conference with great presentations and lots of networking.

Here is the link to Dr. Mora’s presentation title The Bilingual Brain: Avoiding Anglocentricities in Applying Neuroscience Research.

Please click here for a comprehensive discussion of the Science of Reading for multilingual learners: Science of Reading: A Critique.

Click here to link directly to Dr. Mora’s analysis of the application of neuroscience research to literacy and biliteracy instruction for multilingual learners. Neuroscience Research: Literacy Learning in the Bilingual Brain.

Hot off the press! Click here to link to an open-access book by Robert J. Tierney and P. David Pearson titled Fact-checking the Science of Reading: Opening up the Conversation.

Click here to access the Multilingual Educator 2024 CABE Conference Edition with Dr. Mora’s article:

Mora, J.K. (2024). Reaffirming Multilingual Educators’ Pedagogical Knowledge Base. Multilingual Educator 2024. California Association for Bilingual Education Conference Edition, 12-14.

An informative construct in neurolinguistic research is linguistic prediction. Click here for a Linguistic Prediction: A Bibliography of Neuroscience Research

If you attended the NABE session on Using Multicultural Literature for Cross-linguistic and Cross-cultural Transfer Instruction: Step-by-Step Lesson Planning presented by Jill Kerper Mora and Silvia Dorta Duque de Reyes on Saturday, March 30, click here to access the Parameters of Culture by Nelson Brooks (1973).

The presenters are not posting the presentation pending copyright permissions. However, click here for a previous presentation on Transfer of Culture by Dr. Mora: Teaching for Transfer of Culture: The Third Pillar of Dual Language Education.

I invite you to explore for resources for enhancing academic achievement of bilingual learners. Click here for professional development opportunities for bilingual educators through the MoraModules Website.