La Cosecha Conference 2023

Welcome to La Cosecha Conference 2023. Click here for access to Dr. Mora’s presentation titled La lectoescritura en español:  Reaffirming the International Scientific Research Base.

Click here for access to the Dr. Mora’s Conference Presentation References for her presentation on the International Scientific Research Base, November 9 at La Cosecha.

Click here to view Dr. Mora’s Bibliography of Spanish Literacy Research from Spanish-speaking Countries

Click here for access to Dr. Mora’s Science of Reading: A Critique.

Click here for access to Dr. Mora’s NABE 2023 presentation titled “How research on Spanish literacy from Spanish-speaking countries informs biliteracy instruction in dual language programs.”

Here is the link to Dr. Mora’s presentation from CABE 2019: Staying True to Spanish in Spanish Language Arts

This link accesses the Taboada Mora Vernon Mexico Programa de Español Study paper presented at the National Reading Conference 2005.

Click here to view the Theoretical Orientation Toward Spanish Reading Instruction (TORIS) survey developed by Diane Sharken Taboada and Jill Kerper Mora (2004). 

Click here if you are interested in learning more about Professional Development for Dual Language Schools through Dr. Mora’s website and Spanish Language Pedagogy for Biliteracy Programs (2016) textbook and SLP Book Companion Website.