CABE 2019 Conference

Welcome to CABE 2019 in Long Beach, CA and to Dr. Mora’s MoraModules Website. I invite you to link to my conference presentations and to explore for its many resources for effective biliteracy instruction.

Click here to access Dr. Mora’s Featured Speaker presentation on March 22, 2019: Staying True to Spanish in Spanish Language Arts through the Common Core Standards.

Click here to access Competencias Comunicativas: Standards-based Writing Instruction in Mexico & U.S. Dual Language Classrooms presented by Diane Sharken Taboada and Jill Kerper Mora at CABE 2019 on March 21, 2019.

Here is the PDF file of the handout Geografía Quinto Grado: Regiones Naturales

Thank you for attending Dr. Mora´s sessions at CABE 2019! Please explore my website to discover more ways to enhance the academic achievement of bilingual learners.

Here are links to the Common Core en Español Website and other valuable websites.

Common Core en Español English/Spanish Language Arts K-5

CA ELD Standards (2012)

México Programa Nacional de Español 2011 Primaria

México SEP: Valoración de la competencia lectora fluidez

Real Academia Española

Real Academia Española Principales Novedades de la Ortografía (2010)

California Department of Education English/Spanish Glossary